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  • June 18, 2018 1 min read

    There is so much geekiness surrounding underwater photography that often we forget the main point of it all: To take best possible photos wherever you are with whatever equipment you have with you. A recent customer of Mike’s Dive Cameras; Aliz Radek-Mills was lucky to be on board Dive Damai’s Raja-Ampat liveaboard a few weeks ago. After 11 days and 32 dives, she was so pleased with her photos that she wanted to share them with everybody who is hesitating to get into underwater photography and don’t want to spend a fortune for the equipment.

    Here’s what Aliz says about her experience:
    “As I have always been into photography having had a photographer mother, I decided to buy an Olympus TG-5 compact digital camera with PT-058 underwater housing and a Weefine fisheye lens as Raja Ampat has a great diversity and ranges from macro to wide angle. Without any prior knowledge of underwater photography, based on the chat I had with Jussi at Mike’s Dive Cameras and some blogs I read closer to my trip I managed to take 200+ amazing shots with my camera”

    Here are a few selected shots from her trip. The close-up shots are taken without any extra lenses and she has used the built-in flash to illuminate them. The fabulous pier shot was taken with the Weefine FWL-02 fisheye lens, which is a perfect match for the Olympus package.

    Thank you, Lizzy, for sending these fantastic pictures! Aliz is a personal trainer and you can follow her on her Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/lizzy1983/  or via her website: www.lizstyleliving.com