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  • December 05, 2017 2 min read

    Mike’s Dive Cameras is happy to announce that our smart phone housing range is expanding. The polycarbonate LenzO housings are made in Canada and the latest versions will fit the iPhone 7 and 8. These compact and light weight housings have few previously unseen features that make them especially interesting.

    The idea of taking your smartphone diving is not new but now as most lower-end compact cameras are gone from the market, it is often the most cost-effective way to get started with underwater photography. Today’s average smart phone shoots excellent quality video and stills. The new iPhones can even shoot UHD 4K video. The biggest bonus with using your smart phone for underwater photos and video is of course the shareability. As soon as you are dry the photos are ready to be shared to social media and shown to friends and family. Also, the smartphone is not anymore, the most valuable personal possession one has. Today’s cloud based backups mean that you don’t really lose anything even in the worst-case scenario. And most of us have the previous years model in the cupboard. Why not use that one instead?

    The LenzO iPhone 7 / 8 housings are compact, lightweight casings and vary from the other cases on the market on two major points. Firstly, the LenzOs come with built-in acrylic dome port, which keeps the image quality sharp and naturally wide underwater. Without the dome port the view angle would be magnified underwater and the corners of the footage quite blurry. Secondly, all the other smart phone housings I have seen are used with an app, which arranges the phone’s user interface so that the housing buttons can “touch” the right places. This works generally well but the quality of these extensions depends fully on the developer. The LenzO housings however uses the iPhone’s native camera app. Nothing extra needs to be downloaded. The two thumb operated swivel arms can reach most of the camera screen and allow the use of 95% of the IOS camera features. Pretty clever design.

    LenzO Control arm navigation

    Other great features with the housing are the internal red and magenta filters that can be flipped on when needed. You can even use the rear camera of the phone for taking underwater selfies. Also available is a lighting bracket with a trigger, that uses the iPhone volume up short cut button to take photos or to record video. The tray system can of course be used for adding video lights to the system.

    LenzO with trigger tray system

    The LenzO housings are the most cleverly designed underwater casings for the iPhones. This is the future of underwater compact camera photography.

    More info on the LenzO housing available HERE