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  • What is Mike’s Dive Cameras?

    August 31, 2017 2 min read

    What is Mike’s Dive Cameras?

    Welcome to Mike’s Dive Cameras, the no. 1 place in the UK for underwater cameras and all dive photography related equipment. Be it a missing screw for your arm system or a full professional UW photography outfit, Mike’s Dive Cameras or just MDC (as we like to call it) can find you the right kit.

    Mike’s Dive Cameras is a partnership and a collaboration between Mike’s Dive Store owner Steve Brown and Jussi Hokkanen of Deepshots. Mike’s Dive Store has been in diving business for over 30 years and is well known for their extensive knowledge of diving & snorkelling equipment. In recent years Mike’s has also gathered fame in the UK and abroad, for being one of the most trustworthy online retailers in the field with the most extensive diving gear available in the UK.

    Jussi, a secret “Svengali” of UK’s underwater photography scene and a founder of Deepshots, is the other half of Mike’s Dive Cameras. Jussi who has previously worked with UK underwater camera companies like Cameras Underwater and Ocean Leisure Cameras has also run his own UW photography website called Deepshots for many years. Jussi is a walking encyclopaedia of anything related to UW photography. Over the years there is hardly any model or make of housing, lens or light that would have not been examined and reviewed by Deepshots. On top of this Jussi also designs and 3D prints lens gears and other useful bits and bobs for underwater photographers.

    We are here

    MDC is a powerhouse of knowledge and customer service. The new website is ready for customers to have a scout around in so please let us know what you think? The efficient Mike’s Dive team will handle the fulfillment from the main warehouse and you are also welcome to pop in to the Chiswick store to have a hands-on experience with our equipment. The camera store is located within the Mike’s Dive Store shop with free parking in front of the building. Mike’s Dive Cameras stock products from brands like Nauticam, Sea & Sea, Inon, Weefine, BigBlue, Canon, Fantasea, Backscatter, Sealife and many others that can be ordered if needed.

    For any questions and suggestions send MDC an email or contact us via our Facebook page. You can also now live chat with us via the new website.To call us just ring the main warehouse number 020 8994 6006 and ask for camera department.

    We welcome all camera enthusiasts, from beginners to pros, to come and check out our specifically curated camera selections.

    phone us: 020 8994 6006
    email us : sales@mikesdivecameras.com
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