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Mike's Dive Cameras Marine Conservation Initiative with Seachangers


Mike's Dive Cameras Ltd is also now donating to Sea-Changers, like their bigger brother Mike's Dive Store have been doing Since 2015. Both companies now donate 1% of the value of all of its online sales to the charity. Customers are invited to match the company’s generosity and make their own donations too.

The money raised feeds into Sea-Changers’ grant fund which is distributed to UK based marine conservation projects. Mike’s Dive Store has chosen to demonstrate its already strong environmental commitment and it has recently reached the milestone of raising over £10,000 in this way. The company is one of a growing community of Sea-Changer businesses and individuals who are passionate about giving something back to the seas they love.

Sea-Changers distributes the donated money, in accordance with their funding policy, to a range of projects engaged in direct marine clean up action, education and awareness-raising about marine conservation issues, species and habitat protection, and conservation research. Many of the projects they fund undertake grassroots community conservation work that simply would not take place without the Sea-Changers grant.

About Sea-Changers

What makes Sea-Changers different is how they raise the money for their important work. They aim to harness the energy, goodwill and resources of sea-users to help raise the funding available for marine conservation.

Sea-changers works with partner companies such as dive companies, cruise holiday companies and marinas that rely on healthy oceans for their success. They develop bespoke fundraising partnerships with them, for example, we have committed to donating a percentage of every sale. Their partners then pass these donations on to them and they distribute 100% of the money raised to support marine conservation work.

If you would like to make your own donation to Sea-Changers CLICK HERE or to read more about the great work Sea-Changers are doing around our coastline CLICK HERE.

  • Sea-Changers is a charity with the mission of raising thousands of pounds for marine conservation charities, primarily in the UK. Registered Charity No. England and Wales No. 1142119 and in Scotland No. SCO43922
  • Sea-Changers seeks to achieve this through partnerships with commercial organisations that serve consumers who are accessing, enjoying or travelling via the sea.
  • Any money raised for Sea-Changers is distributed, via a grants process, to a range of marine conservation projects and charities.

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