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    Magic Filters Green Water Magic for Compact Digital Cameras is a 50x50mm sheet of Magic filter. Given the massive variety of digital compact cameras being used on underwater, we offer this single size of filter for the photographer to trim and fix to their lens. Depending on the size of the lens on your camera you will get between one and four filters per sheet.

    We made three types of filters for digital compact cameras. This filter- the GWCM (GreenWater Magic)- is designed for use in green waters and requires the photographer to set the white balance manually (using preset- custom or manual white balance) every time they change depth by a few metres during the dive. Not every camera has this feature- and not every photographer will want to have to do this.

    Alternatively, you should look at the Auto-Magic filter - which works with the camera's automatic white balance setting - but only in blue waters. If you dive in blue water and prefer setting White Balance manually while underwater - you may also like to try the original Magic filter.

    The GreenWater Magic works from 4m down to 22m (70ft)- although this maximum depth is related to the white balance capability of the camera and will vary. Digital compact users can expect a shallower maximum working depth than DSLR photographers.

    All the filters are optical quality polyester gels- manufactured for the purpose- by one of the world's leading filter companies. All Magic filters are supplied with detailed instructions.


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