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  • August 01, 2023 3 min read

    Originally Kraken Sports kit was just re-branded Weefine products destined for the Canadian and North American markets. And no wonder; Kraken surely sounds much cooler than Weefine… whatever it means. Recently, However, Kraken Sports have at least partially parted ways with Weefine and now produces their own line of products. This Canadian/Chinese outfit has really upped their game and Mike’s Dive Cameras is now proud to introduce the brand to the UK market. Here is a quick look at some of their new products that will be available from us. More are sure to follow.

    Kraken Sports Smart Housing 2.0 Pro
    Kraken Smart Housing 2.0 Pro
    Originally Kraken’s Smart Housing was identical in comparison with the Weefine Smart Housing, apart from the software. The new Smart Housing 2.0 Pro is a completely new design. The half aluminium – half polycarbonate housing has a slew of new features and is now probably the most advanced compact housing for smartphones. Bluetooth connection is still used for housing connection and a free app is available for Android and iOS. This app also includes the popular underwater colour correction post-processing mode.
    The biggest new feature of the housing is the power source. The Kraken takes a 18650 li-ion battery pack that not only powers the housing but can also be used to charge your phone when inside the case. Both USB-C and Lighting internal charging cables ship with the housing. The front right-hand side battery compartment makes the housing somewhat bulkier than the competition, but it also works quite nicely as a handle.
    Another neat feature is the new underwater filter (available separately). The filter sits on rails and can be simply slid to the side away from the port when not needed. No more dangly filters at the end of a string. Also available is a lens mount that allows you to add wide-angle lenses for even more immersive underwater photography. The Kraken Smart Housing 2.0 Pro fits almost all current smartphones.
    The Smart Housing 2.0 Pro comes with a depth sensor and water temperature meter. This data is visible to the user at the bottom of the screen when the app is active. The now industry-standard pre-dive vacuum leak check valve and pump are also included. What more can you ask for?

    Kraken Sports LTD 2500 Video Light
    Kraken LTD 2500 Video Light at Mike's Dive Cameras
    The LTD-series lights are Kraken’s first fully self-designed units and the line offers various models up to 10000-lumen output. The idea behind the LTD lights is to offer simplified designs, without multiple colour LEDs, that so many video lights today come with. the LTD 2500 is the base model of the range and offers 2500-lumen wide beam and 1500-lumen spot beam. For the users that don’t need all the esoteric multicolour/UW diodes the LTD 2500 comes in with an unbeatable price point of £195 (at the time of writing). No other light in our range comes close to this price!
    The light weighs only 280gr without a battery and 390gr with the included Li-ion 26650 battery. The Kraken batteries come with a bit of extra as they all have a built-in USB-C socket for charging. No extra charger is needed necessarily; however, a simple USB charger is still included in the box. Both 1” ball mount and YS-mount are also included. And did I mention that you also get gnarly Kraken stickers with the light!

    Kraken LTD 7000 Video Light
    Kraken LTD 7000 at Mike's Dive Cameras
    The LTD 7000 is the bigger brother of the LTD 2500. This glass dome-fronted video light has a unique custom-built COB LED with a punch out in the centre for a 1500-lumen spot beam. The main light source boasts 7000-lumen max output with a CRI of 90, resulting in a very natural and high-quality light. With the LTD 7000, you get a wall charger, a semi-rigid carry case and both 1” ball and ys-mounts. The light weighs 700 grams with the battery on land (360gr underwater) and is still reasonably compact with a total length of 154mm. As with the LTD 2500 light the LTD 7000 comes in at an extremely competitive price point.

    See the Kraken product range at Mike’s Dive Cameras HERE