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  • Isotta housings now available at Mike’s Dive Cameras

    January 15, 2020 3 min read

    Isotta housings now available at Mike’s Dive Cameras

    An Italian company Isotecnic has been making underwater photography products since the 1980s. Founded by Egidio Isotta their first product was a powerful underwater strobe that became popular with local divers. However, only quite recently Isotta products, with their trademark bright red colour, have come to be known internationally. In the last 5 years, Isotecnic’s product catalogue has grown massively and now includes housings from action cameras to DSLRs and all possible accessories. Mike’s Dive Cameras is proud to be the first company to sell Isotta products in the UK.

    Gimmick or not, the Ferrari red colour of the Isotta housings are sure to be noticed wherever you go.  But the company’s housings are much more than just pretty from the outside. The aluminium Isotta housings are made from start to finish in Italy and include all the latest technology.

    The Isotta housing range

    For GoPro:

    Isotta GoPro Hero7 Housing at Mike's Dive Cameras

    Isotta has been making housings for GoPro action cameras for a few years now. Their ultra-compact and sturdy Hero 7 housing is now available and the case for the Hero 8 is being released as I’m writing this. Made from a solid block of aluminium the Hero 7 and 8 housings are depth rated to 200m and weighing only 190 grams. The clever shutter release lever is easy to use and perfectly reachable from the Isotta’s dual handle tray made for these housings. You can even use the Backscatters Flip filter system with these housing as the port is almost the same size than with the Gopro’s own underwater case. (However, in my tests some packer/shim material is needed around the housing port to make them work) If you are looking for a serious deep-diving companion for your GoPro look no further.

    For Compacts:

    Isotta Canon G7X MKIII Housing at Mike's Dive Cameras

    Isotta’s latest 100m rated compact camera housings are also available now from Mike’s Dive Cameras. The latest range includes housings for the Canon G7X MKIII, the Sony RX100 VA and the Olympus TG-6. All these housings have been made from aluminium and come with double back door O-rings. The fully detachable back door design means that the camera is very easy to install inside.

    The Isotta G7X MKIII housing includes a removable front that allows you to swap the standard port for a shorter one. This port can then be used with additional wide-angle lenses. Canon G7X cameras “suffer” from a large and powerful lens, which is brilliant for on-land photography but too large to be used with most underwater wide-angle lenses on the market. The interchangeable short port restricts the camera lens movement and allows the external wet-wide angle lenses to sit closer resulting in a sharp wide-angle image. All Isotta housings, including the G7X MKIII, come with a pre-installed moisture alarm and have a bulkhead for 3rd party vacuum leak check system like the Leak Sentinel.

    A special mention needs to be given to the Isotta Olympus TG-6 housing. It features a clever dual size port thread that allows you to mount both M52 and M67 size lenses (one at the time :P). This is something I have not seen in any other housing.

    Although the Isotta’s gun-trigger-style shutter release lever is one of the best on the market, you can make it even better with an additional shutter lever extension. This allows the user to reach the shutter even more easily from the tray handle. 

    Mirrorless, DSLR and beyond:

    Isotta mirrorless housings at Mike's Dive Cameras

    In the future, Mike’s Dive Cameras is planning to also stock the Mirrorless system camera housings from Isotta. Their mirrorless range consists of housings for the Sony A7 system including the latest A7r IV model. Isotta also supports cameras like the Panasonic GH5S and Olympus EM1 MK II.  The full range of Isotta products including their DSLR housing can be ordered from us. And don’t forget their newly announced RED64 Strobe. This strobe is already getting lots of attention for its advanced features and pretty unseen guide no 64 maximum output. The RED64 strobe should be out before summer. 

    Be sure to check out Isotta product page for more information HERE and stay tuned for reviews of new Isotta products.