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  • 7-14 business days until dispatch
  • Versatile housing that will fit many smartphones, regardless of IOS or Android system. 

    The updated Kraken smartphone housing includes plenty of new features like the sliding optional filter, an internal Li-ion battery, that can be used to charge the phone and a new app with colour correction. 

    The partly aluminium Pro 2.0 housing is depth-rated to 85m and comes with a built-in vacuum system that is used to check the housing seal integrity before diving. The Pro 2.0 model also includes depth and temperature sensors, which allow you to watermark your videos with this info. 

    The Kraken Smart Housing is powered by a 18650 Li-ion battery, which can also be used to charge the phone while inside the housing. The small internal cables included are compatible with USB-C and Lighting sockets. 

    An optional red colour-correction filter is also available. The filter snaps onto the front of the housing and can be slid over the lens and out of the way along a groove built into the housing. A 52mm Lens adaptor is also available that allows you to attach wide-angle lenses. 

     Technical Specifications:

    - Depth rated to 85m
    - Works with most smartphones; IOS and Android
    - Maximum phone dimensions for the housing are 175mm x 82mm
    - Bluetooth controlled. Free app available
    - Power Source: 18650 Li-ion
    - Double O-Ring seals
    - Two 1/4" 20 threaded holes on the bottom (fits most standard trays)
    - Weight on land: 880 gr (without the battery)
    - Size: Approx 230mm x 115mm

    Included in the box:
    - Spare O-rings, 18650 Li-ion battery (USB-C type), USB-C charging cable, battery compartment key, wrist lanyard, internal charging cable (USB-C), Internal charging cable for iPhone (lighting), Vacuum pump, Spare sticky patch, Carry case. 





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