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  • The Perfect iPhone Video and Stills Package

    October 23, 2017 3 min read

    The Perfect iPhone Video and Stills Package

    The perfect package idea moves to part 2 with a smart phone package designed to satisfy even a serious underwater videographer. Behold the perfect Weefine iPhone video and stills package (with or without lights).

    The rise of the high quality smart phone camera has led to the demise of traditional compact digital cameras, especially at the budget end. The compact camera was popular with underwater photographers due to the price tag and the ease of finding a housing for them. Today they are all but gone. Higher quality compact cameras still survive but the camera plus housing package price start from about 800 - 900 pounds.

    As increasingly all holiday pictures are taken with smart phones, why not use it for the underwater photos and video also. Today’s top smart phones have already surpassed basic digital compact cameras in quality and functionality. It’s not rare to have a 18MP+ stills camera with 4K video recording with stereo sound on board. Almost any recent mid – to top range phone have these capabilities now. And think of all the things you can do with your images as soon as you are dry. They are already in your phone ready to be edited, filtered, Facebooked, shared, shown to friends and family…  No need to wait until you are home to download the images with USB cable and edited and then finally loaded back to the phone.

    What does your smartphone do better than a GoPro you might ask? Well GoPro excels in one sole mission; recording high-quality super wide-angle footage. If you want to do anything else, you will find them lacking. Smart phones can do many tricks actions camera’s cant. The biggest advantage is the ability to focus. This means even high-quality marco shots are possible. The latest action cameras nowadays come with quite good sharing features, but nothing still beats the native home gallery in your own phone.

    Few years ago, when smart phone cases started to arrive into the market people were very apprehensive about putting their phone in to an underwater housing, as it was their pride and joy and contained supposedly vital information. Today, I feel things have changed. The phone has become an everyday item that is easily replaced if broken. All your info is kept in the cloud anyway. I can see this even in me. I happen to have 3 same smart phones currently. One that has slightly broken screen. One that got repaired by the manufacturer and one I bought used while the second one was with the manufacturer.  And how about all your old phones. Why not use your last year’s iPhone in the housing if you don’t dare to “sacrifice” your latest gadget?

     Weefine Smart Housing 02 with tray and WFL-04 lens

    This leads me to the main topic of the article. The Weefine Smart Housing 02 (price: £279.00 on its own) for all current iPhones from iPhone 6 to 8 (even the X will fit). The Smart Housing 02 is a super sturdy aluminium housing with vacuum leak check system and blue tooth connectivity. Just download the free app from the App Store and you are ready to go. A great thing about this housing is the ability to add standard wide-angle and close-up lenses with the 52mm threaded lens adapter. For this package I’ve included a wet-interchangeable Weefine WFL-04 fisheye lens for high-quality wide-angle photography. The Weefine app allows you to add underwater filters but for the best possible colours you will need to bring some light down with you. Hence the perfect smart phone package includes two Weefine Solar Flare 3800 Premium video lights with a sturdy double handle tray. Oh and if you do not want the lights, I’d still recommend the tray. It will give you extra stability to your shots.

    The perfect Weefine smart phone housing package for iPhones includes:
    Weefine Smart Housing 02
    Weefine 52mm lens mount
    Weefine WFL-04 M52 Fisheye Lens
    Weefine Double Tray SH
    2 x Weefine Solar Flare 3800 lumen video lights with (RA95 colour rep)
    Connecting arm bits by HZ

    All this comes to: £1799.00
    Or £750.00 without lights and connecting arm bits

    Only thing you need to add is your phone! GET YOUR PACKAGE FROM HERE