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    September 27, 2017 2 min read

    Most important strobe feature is often weight

    Often my customers, who are getting started with their underwater photography, think that adding a strobe or two onto their camera set-up will make it impossibly big and heavy and basically not worth lugging around the world.  This might have been the case some years ago when a decent underwater strobe weighted almost 1 kg a pop. Luckily today things have changed.

    My go-to strobe for a while has been the tiny Inon S-2000. These little things weigh only 290 grams per unit on land. Underwater, when in use with batteries, they only weight about 70 gr! These smart and accurate strobes come with a respectable guide no of 20, which is enough for most close-up and close focus wide angle situations. The only time they might not punch enough power is with certain super wide-angle situations where the targets are large and slightly further away. Some heavier-duty strobe units might be required to properly lit these kinds of scenes… but the weight will shoot up also.

    To get it all working you will of course need an arm system of some sort. Unwieldy metal trays can increase the total weight of the set-up more than you think. For this text I put to together a lightest possible, but still high-quality, aluminium double tray set-up I could find. Possible the best bang for your buck today for a double tray is the Weefine SH tray. This flexible, extendable, sturdy and ergonomic tray is an ideal travel partner as it splits down to small parts (see the image) and weighs only 390 grams. The aluminium ball clamps and arm sections will add just over 300 g to the total. So, all in all the package will take only about 1.2kg away from your precious luggage allowance. That is way less than the average regulator set-up weights. Surely bulkiness can’t be the reason not to take a dual strobe set-up with you to your next dive holiday.

    So why is the most important strobe feature a weight you might ask? There sure are more important things.... like depth rating or output right? The answer is simple: If they are too heavy you will not bring them with you.

    The total cost of this set-up with cables and everything is only £1099.00. Grab yourself this great package from HERE

    The package includes:
    2 x Inon S-2000 strobe heads
    2 x Inon direct base III
    1 x Weefine double tray SH
    2 x Weefine fibre optic cable (inon)
    4 x HZ standard clamp
    2 x HZ 100mm lattice arm section