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  • 7-14 business days until dispatch
  • Sony's latest full-frame mirrorless camera, the a7C offers the underwater image-maker one of the most compact and travel-friendly full-frame systems available on the market today.  The a7C features Sony's latest stellar autofocus and a much-improved battery life thanks to its use of the larger Z series battery.

    Nauticam has housed more mirrorless cameras and more Sony E Mount cameras than any other housing manufacturer. This experience results in the most evolved housing line with the broadest range of accessories available today. Pioneering optical accessories elevate the performance to a new level. Magnifying viewfinders, the sharpest super macro accessory lenses ever made, and now the highest quality water contact wide-angle lenses (the WWL-1 and WACP-1) combine with the NA-A7C housing to form a complete imaging system.

    NA-A7C controls are placed at the photographer’s fingertips. The housing and accessories are lightweight and easy to assemble. The camera drops in without any control presetting, and lens port changes are effortless. The Nauticam NA-A7C features an integrated handle system. This ergonomic style provides exceptional control access, even with thick gloves, with ideal placement of the shutter release and a thumb-lever to actuate the AF-ON button from the right handle.

    Reliable rapid-fire manual flash triggering is available with the NA-A7C for a variety of optically fired flashes when used with the LED Flash Trigger (26302). The NA-A7C comes fibre optic ready and accepts the Universal Fiber Optic Cable (26216).

    The NA-A7C features the larger-bore M24 bulkhead opening that allows for the use of Nauticam HDMI 2.0 cables for connection to recorders such as the Atomos Ninja V.


    Dimensions: 307mm (W) x 172mm (H) x 103mm(D)
    Weight (in air): 1.78kg
    Weight (in water w/ camera): 0.19kg
    Depth Rating: 100m
    Port Opening: N100


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