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  • Nauticam NA-R6II Housing for Canon EOS-R6 MKII

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  • 7-14 business days until dispatch
  • The NA-R6II underwater housing follows suit with Nauticam's drive for innovation and it supports both the Canon EOS R6 and R6 Mark II. (A conversion kit is required for the original R6 and will be provided upon request).  Like its predecessors, the NA-R6II presents shooters with the ability to use both the available legacy EF lenses via an adapter in addition to their native RF optics.  To support both the legacy and native lenses, Nauticam has integrated the NA-R6II into the N120 port system.

    Flash triggering is achieved via one of two optional Flash Triggers, a manual LED trigger (PN 26305) or a TTL Flash Trigger (PN 26321) that use the built-in fibre optic bulkheads with optional fibre-optic cables to trigger supported strobes. For controlling strobes that do not support fibre optic flash triggering, a variety of legacy hot-shoe flash control bulkheads are available.

    The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection electronics are shipped with the NA-R6II as standard equipment. Combined with a M16 accessory vacuum valve (25625) this monitoring system provides constant updates on the watertight and safe-to-dive status of the housing. A simple colour-coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum.

    - Dimensions: 320mm x 175mm x 160mm (W x H x D)
    - Depth Rating: 100m
    - Weight: 3.5kg (-0.1kg in water with camera body and battery)
    - Port Opening: N120



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