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    Sea & Sea YS-D3 MKII Strobe

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    See the new YS-D3 Duo RC HERE

    The YS-D3 MKII's re-designed light unit produces a powerful GN33 flash, and the new lenses fitted over the flash tubes disperse the light even to the edge areas of the beam. With the included diffuser, the beam angle will increase to 110 degrees. The new targeting light has also been upgraded and is now four times more powerful than the previous YS-D2 model. The YS-D3 MKII updates enhance TTL shooting and third-party optical converter compatibility. The MKII version provides even more accurate S-TTL exposures with compact cameras.

    The new backlit rear control panel allows the light to be used easily, even in completely dark situations.  Photographers can also unleash their creativity with optional accessories like the Dome diffuser, which widens the beam angle even more and the Snoot, which narrows the beam to be directed accurately to a target. 

    All this is built to a sturdy body with a uniquely designed aluminium heat sink that allows both the flash and the powerful target light to be used without the risk of overheating.

    Key Features:
    - The maximum guide number is a powerful 33 with a 1.7-second recycle time (full discharge).
    - DS-TTL ll automatic exposure control with improved accuracy and stability.
    - EV control function can finely tune the amount of light emitted.
    - Excellent night-time visibility. The illuminated control panel is also ideal for night diving.
    - Diffuser and 1" ball mount included as standard.
    - Powerful LED spotting light.

    Technical Specifications: 
    - Max Guide Number: 33 (land)
    - Beam Angle: 105°x 80°, 110° x 110° (with diffuser)
    - Batteries: 4xAA A: 6V Ni-MH: 4.8V
    - Number of Flashes
    : A: 140 Ni-MH: 200
    - Recycle time (full): A: 3.5 sec. Ni-MH: 1.7 sec.
    - Colour temperature: 5800K
    - Color temperature w/diffuser: 5500K
    - Depth rating]: 100m
    - Dimensions (WxHxD): 92mm x 111mm x 147mm
    - Weight: 610g (w/o batteries)
    - Underwater weight:  Approx.+40g 
    (incl. batteries)


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