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    Weefine Ring Light 3000

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  • Weefine Ring Light 3000 is a unique video and strobe photography tool that makes macro and close-up photography easy underwater. The unit screws on any 67mm port thread or lens and gives out a beautiful omnidirectional illumination with no need to fiddle with your light's positions.

    The Ring Light 3000 is the more advanced version of the Ring Light 1000. The Weefine Ring Light 3000 model is both a continuous video light and an LED strobe light. In the normal continuous light mode, its white wide-angle beam has a maximum output of 1800 lumens. The Ring Light 3000 also comes with Red and deep blue beams.

    All the light modes can also be used in a revolutionary LED strobe light mode. The light is synced from a camera flash via a fibre optic cable and is fast enough to give a powerful pulse of light even for reasonably fast shutter speeds. (Note: a pre-flash type camera is needed for full functionality).

    The Ringlight 3000 has a 67mm thread that fits straight onto the ports of most housings. For 52mm ports like on the Olympus PT-058 and 059, a simple 52-67 step-up ring is required. 

    - Continuous white light max output: 1800 lumens
    - Strobe/pulse white light max output: 3000 lumens
    - White, red and blue beam
    - Beam angle 90 degrees underwater
    - Colour temperature (white) 5000K
    - M67 thread size
    - Powered by 26650 Li-ion battery
    - Battery stamina: 45 minutes (max power, continuous mode)
    - Depth rated to  100 m
    - Dimensions: 123 mm x 159 mm x 40 mm

    In the box: Light unit, Li-ion battery, USB charger, removal tool, spare O-rings  



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