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  • The Weefine Smart Focus 2500 video light is the upgraded version of the immensely popular Smart Focus 2300. The Smart Focus 2500 light is a true all-in-one unit. Never before has there been an underwater multi-use light for this price with this many features. 

    On the surface, it is a compact, only 119mm long, 2500 lumen video light with a high-quality COB LED style array. On top of this, it also has a 100-lumen red beam and an 18W deep blue "UW" beam for fluorodiving. This would be good for your average video light, but the Weefine Smart Focus comes with a kicker. All the different colour beams can also be used as AFO spotting light. The unit can be turned into a mode where the light quenches itself when it senses a flashlight being fired. Please note that for the best sensitivity of the light sensor, the maximum output of the light when in AFO mode is 1000 lumen.

    Is it a video light or a spotting light? It is both in one small package weighing only 450g (with battery). Be it video or stills, this light brings ultimate flexibility and reduces the number of different light units you have to bring with you. 

    - 2500 lumen white beam (1000 lumen in AFO mode)
    - 100 lumen red beam, 18W UW beam
    - Auto flash of function
    - Beam angle: 100 degrees
    - White beam colour temperature: 5000K
    - Aluminium construction
    - 100m depth rated
    - Burn time: 55m (max power)
    - Dimensions: 119mm (l) x 53mm (d)
    - Weight: 450g on land (with battery and ball mount), 240g underwater (with battery and ball mount)

    Included accessories: Carry case, Mains charger, Li-ion battery, 1" ball mount, YS-mount, Spare O-rings, Multicolour bumper silicone rings. 



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