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  • Weefine WFL-11 Wide-Angle Lens M52

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  • The Weefine WFL-11 lens is a small and affordable wide-angle lens specially designed for the Olympus TG-6 and TG-7 cameras with the OM System PT-059 housings. 

    The WFL-11 cancels out refraction and restores the camera’s topside field of view underwater, while also enhancing the image clarity and sharpness and eliminating the pincushion distortion. With a 90° angle of coverage, sharp corners, and zoom-through capability, this is the ideal companion for an underwater photographer who does not want to swap lenses in water. Even the TG-5/6 microscopic mode works through this lens. 

    Technical specifications:
    - Magnification: 0.72X
    - Field of View Conversion: 24mm(84.1°) to 21.5mm(90°).  28mm(75.4°) to 25.7mm(80.4°); 35mm(63.4°) to 34.1mm(64.8°)
    - M52 thread size
    - Optical grade polycarbonate dome
    - Aluminium lens body and shade
    - Dimension: Ø 92.8mm X 50.6mm
    - Weight: 240g (Air) / 80g (Underwater)
    - Depth Rated to 60m

    Compatibility: Olympus/OM System PT-058 and PT-059 and Nauticam NA-TG6 housing (flash sync plate removed), Isotta TG6 housing (without flash sync adapter)

    Use a special Weefine WFA43 sync cable with the PT-058 and PT-059 housing when using strobes and the WFL11 lens.

    (NOTE: This lens will only work in water. Using this lens in air will cause distortion)


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